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1-on-1 Virtual Police Recruiter Training

Special 1-on-1 Virtual Police Recruiter Training & Coaching on Zoom through 2022 – 2023. Limited opportunity for personalized Police Recruiter Training & coaching.

Police Recruiting is a high priority but Covid-19 has made in-person training nearly impossible. If you are looking for quality police recruiter training and coaching now this is your opportunity. Very limited availability.

Info: E-mail or call 602-445-6442

Police Media Relations Training & Consulting

Police Media Relations

This training focuses on developing crucial social media relations and communication skills and understanding of the business of news and social media.

PIO Boot Camp

PIO Boot Camp

PIO Boot Camp | Intensive Media Relations, PR & Social Media Training Seminars for Public Information Officers (PIO) & Leaders – Police, Fire, Public Safety & 911.Participants are trained to understand the workings of social media as a part of news media operations on a local, national and international level and its interaction with police, fire, public safety and other first responders.

Police Social Media Boot Camp

The stated goal is aiding police, corrections, fire, public safety and municipal personnel empowered with managing and disseminating information through social media messaging and communications.